Safe Accommodation

PHI Hotels has introduced new measures in hospitality procedures to protect health of its guests and its staff, which allow us to offer continuity of service and maintenance of the high quality standard, guaranteeing a safe stay.

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Bistrot Restaurant

Bistrot Restaurant

The Phi Hotel Astoria Bistrot Restaurant draws inspiration from the most genuine tradition, giving life to a creative, innovative cuisine that keeps its connection with the land, combining the excellence of the culinary arts with the most contemporary recipes in a harmonious, conscious way.

Agatina's Bakery and Bistrot

A modern space with traditional flavors, this is a cross between a café, pastry shop, focaccia bakery and bistrot, offering an innovative taste experience in the splendid setting of the Phi Hotel Astoria. This charming spot embodies a passion for pastry-making and cooking that brings out the best flavors in food and satisfies the senses.


Breakfast is served every morning from 7 to 10 a.m. in the “Sala delle Volte” (Vaulted Room), with a rich buffet of sweet and savoury delicacies that will satisfy everyone’s tastes and eating habits.


A broad, green marble bar counter with an ebony-inlaid front piece dominates the Phi Hotel Astoria bar: a refined gathering place to organize work meetings or allow yourself a pleasant break at any time of the day. Have a coffee at the counter, sip a tea or a fragrant infusion while comfortably seated, or experience the tradition of an aperitif before dinner here in the Prosecco hills.