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PHI Hotels has introduced new measures in hospitality procedures to protect health of its guests and its staff, which allow us to offer continuity of service and maintenance of the high quality standard, guaranteeing a safe stay.

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A departure point for visiting this region and beyond


The Fondazione Jonathan Collection is an aeronautic museum which brings together numerous historical airplanes that participated in the Great War’s many bloody battles: it’s a magical place for anyone, both young and old, who loves to fly and is passionate about airplanes.
A hangar from World War 1 hosts perfect reproductions of famous airplanes which pilot Giancarlo Zanardo –born in 1939- built with his own hands. Besides admiring the aircraft, visitors can also experience a flight over the hills, accompanied by expert pilots.
This area has been prepared especially for visitors so that they can spend their day amongst aircrafts that seem to have emerged from a film, with lots of nature and plenty of exciting stories to learn about.