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From Susegana to Collalto, up to the Castelvecchio fortress, the Prosecco foothills offer a quaint landscape where history comes to life thanks to its numerous castles and medieval fortresses. Here you can admire an enchanting land marked by past splendor and natural beauty. The best place to start this itinerary is in Susegana, the town of two castles. San Salvatore Castle, belonging to the Collalto family, rises up over the town with its thirty thousand square meters between the fortress and town; it is open for visits with advance reservations or during one of the many events hosted there. The castle offers an enchanting view as you stroll along its outer perimeter.
Starting from the castle, you can take a spectacular walk that leads to the ruins of the first Collalto settlement in the Piave area: a striking fortified tower which stands out today amongst the ruins of its unassailable, triple fortress walls. Further west, between Farra di Soligo and Col San Martino, the three Towers of Credazzo rise up from the trees. The towers are connected to one another by walls which delimit two inner courtyards, the remaining ruins of a small fortress which probably belonged to the Collalto family, between the IX and X century.  In the heart of the Cartizze region, visitors can admire the ruins of another long-lost fortification which sadly came back to life due to its extraordinary, bird’s-eye position: Mondeserto Castle. This castle can be found by following the itinerary that highlights some of the Great War’s historic locations. Further north at Cison di Valmarino, a spur on Mount Col de Moi became the location for a military fortress at the end of the XII century, which the Caminesi feudatories later made fit to live in by building a small palace and central tower surrounded by walls. The city of Vittorio Veneto, which was created at the end of the nineteenth century by merging two former towns - Serravalle and Ceneda – still conserves the fortifications of these two centers, emblems of two very different histories. The Castrum has dominated Serravalle since the XII century; it was the stronghold of the Da Camino family. Around its broad, walled esplanade, a lively commercial center linked with Alamannia once flourished. Ceneda, instead, is dominated by the Castle of San Martino on the San Paolo pass, and is linked to the Cathedral Square by a short and very scenic road. This itinerary can’t help but end at Conegliano, just a few kilometers from Susegana, at the Castle of Conegliano, where visitors can admire fortification ruins dating back to the XI century.