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Visiting the itineraries and historic locations of the Great War is an excellent way to discover the Veneto region and all its wonders, some of which have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. During the years of the Great War which rocked the Kingdom of Italy for 1250 days from 24 May 1915 to 4 November 1918, the alpine passes between Lombardy and Alto Adige - including Carso Isontino - surrounding the Veneto region became the ground for constant battle. Here you can still see trenches, military constructions, and craters carved out by grenades and giant mines. On the mountain tops, remains of military observation posts and forts can be seen, while the ossuaries and memorial monuments scattered throughout the territory keep alive the memories of those who lost their lives in battle. The historic locations of the Great War can be visited on foot, by bike or by car. It represents an outdoor museum, all along Italy’s 30 km Piave front.