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Villa Sandi is a historic estate located at the foot of the Prosecco hills of Treviso, whose origins date back to 1622. Over the centuries, the estate passed through several estates and underwent major restoration and renovation. In the 19th century, Villa Sandi became the property of the Moretti Polegato family, which began to engage in wine production. Today, Villa Sandi is known not only for its high-quality wines, but also for the beauty of its historic building and gardens. The villa has been restored and opened to the public, welcoming visitors from all over the world for wine tastings, events, and cellar tours. Villa Sandi represents a combination of history, culture and prestigious wine production in the Veneto region.


Phi Hotel Astoria offers you the opportunity for a journey into the heart of prosecco. Villa Sandi offers several experiential tours, where wine, art and culture meet giving life to unique tasting routes designed for you.

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